Thank you for partnering with us to advance health equity in America. Below you’ll find some information and resources to refer to as we work together. Please check in with your Anthem Foundation grant manager with any additional questions you may have.



Can I access my original application after it is submitted?
Once your application is submitted, you will be unable to access or revise it. When you’ve completed your application, make sure to download and retain a copy of it. If you have not saved it and need to obtain a copy, please contact your Anthem Foundation grant manager.

Letter of Agreement
Where can I find my letter of agreement (LOA)?
To obtain a copy of your LOA, please contact your Anthem Foundation grant manager or email

Can I reapply for funding?
Typically, the Anthem Foundation does not award overlapping grants. Once your current grant term has ended and you have completed all required reporting, you will be eligible to reapply.

If you are a current grantee, we recommend that, prior to applying for another grant, you discuss additional funding opportunities with your Anthem Foundation grant manager.

When will I receive my grant payments?
Please refer to your letter of agreement for your grant payment schedule and conditions. Unless otherwise specified by your Anthem Foundation grant manager, all payments will be made through our grants management system, Benevity. Funds are generally released on the 21st of each month. Should you have any questions, contact your grant manager.

Tip. Resources are received more quickly if your organization is set up for electronic funds transfer (EFT) in Benevity under your “Cause Profile.”

How will I receive my grant payments?
Organizations receive a single, aggregated payment from Benevity that includes any associate donations, the Anthem Foundation match (if eligible), and grants/sponsorships contributed for the previous month.

Funds can be transferred via EFT. If you have not set one up, you will receive a paper check through traditional mail.

Note: You will receive a full report with line-item detail reflecting amounts for associate donations, the Anthem Foundation match (if eligible), and grants/sponsorships. Please review this report before contacting your Anthem Foundation grant manager about the status of your payment.

How often should I check in with my Anthem Foundation grant manager?
Upon the start of your grant term, your Anthem Foundation grant manager will schedule a call to kick off the partnership. After that, you and your grant manager will schedule regular calls at times convenient for both of you.

The frequency of the calls depends on the size and duration of the grant and opportunities for Anthem engagement, among other factors. While your letter of agreement (LOA) outlines the formal grant reporting requirements, we always encourage updates along the way and view this as a true partnership.

When is my grant report due?
Your grant reporting requirements depend on the amount and duration of your grant. Please refer to your grant LOA for your reporting deadlines. To obtain a copy of your LOA, please contact your Anthem Foundation grant manager or

At least 30 days before a report is due, you will receive a report template. The report must include:

  • The results against the grant metrics detailed in your LOA
  • Financial accounting for the receipt and disbursement of funds and expenditures incurred under the grant agreement
  • Any media/public-relations exposure of the Anthem Foundation’s support of the grant

View a report template in advance:

Grant Modifications
What happens if we decide to make changes to the grant?
If you are unable to use the grant funds for the approved purposes outlined in the grant letter of agreement (LOA), you must immediately notify the Anthem Foundation to discuss options.

Program Goals
What if we are not going to hit the program goals?
If you determine that you will not be able to achieve the program goals outlined in the grant LOA, you should reach out to your Anthem Foundation grant manager as soon as possible to discuss options.

Unspent Funds
What if we have not spent the grant funds and the grant term is ending?
If you are unable to use the grant funds for the approved purposes outlined in the grant LOA, you must notify the Anthem Foundation immediately. Depending on the situation, you may be asked to provide a request for a no-cost extension.

Tax Status
What should we do if our organization’s tax status changes during the grant period?
Throughout the duration of the grant period, you must be exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code and a public charity as described in section 509(a)(1) or (a)(3) of the code. You must not be a section 509(a)(3) type III nonfunctionally integrated organization.

You must notify the Anthem Foundation immediately if:

  1. The IRS revokes your tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3), effective as of any date within four years of the date of this letter, or
  2. The IRS classifies your organization as a private foundation or as a type III nonfunctionally integrated organization.

Can we include the Anthem Foundation’s logo in our organization’s program materials?
As outlined in your grant letter of agreement (LOA), the Anthem Foundation works in partnership with you to develop and execute a mutually agreed-upon communications plan. Our goal is to showcase the work we are doing together to improve our communities.

Communications that may highlight the Anthem Foundation include, but are not limited to:

  • Press releases
  • Organization websites and/or collateral with the Anthem Foundation logo and acknowledgment of support
  • Social-media posts
  • Media-pitching and storytelling opportunities that demonstrate program impact

Which Anthem Foundation logo should we use?
The Anthem Foundation operates under different brands depending on geography. Below you’ll find brand resources to support your communications.

Please note: As outlined in your LOA, we ask that all communications that mention the Anthem Foundation be sent to your Anthem Foundation grant manager and public relations director for review and approval.

Matching Gifts
Is my organization eligible for the Anthem Foundation’s matching gifts program?
The Anthem Foundation’s Dollars for Dollars matching gifts program provides a $1:$1 match for our associates’ donations to our signature charities. Our signature partners were selected based on their alignment with our company strategy, their national recognition and reach, and their local affiliates and members so that we can make a difference in people’s lives in our own communities. Signature partners include:

How do Anthem associates participate?
One of the many enhancements in our Anthem for Good associate engagement site is the ability of our associates to make payroll deductions to nonsignature charities without the match. Payroll deductions through employers are the most efficient way for a nonprofit to receive donations and put those funds to work.

Another way our associates can support their favorite nonprofit organizations is through Anthem’s Dollars for Doers program. By volunteering for nonprofits, regardless of their signature charity status, Anthem associates can earn $10/hour, which they can then direct to any 501c3 of their choice.

How can I share volunteer opportunities with Anthem associates?
Anthem associates learn about volunteer opportunities through our Benevity associate engagement platform. Nonprofits can create profiles within the platform and post volunteer opportunities for our associates to see. Use this guide to help you create your profile. Please note that for part D, the share key is “AnthemShareKey.”

Through our Dollars for Doers program, Anthem associates can earn $10 for every hour they volunteer in the community, which they can then direct to any 501c3 of their choice.